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NYSL Promotions Focuses on Goal Setting

Demand continues to grow for NYSL Promotions’ innovative marketing solutions, and our commitment to ambitious goals is a big part of our success. Our leaders know it’s not enough to maintain the status quo, even if things are going extremely well. We never rest on our laurels because doing so is asking for trouble in such a competitive industry.

Joe M., our company’s President, explained how he and his fellow NYSL Promotions leaders have made goal setting such a point of emphasis. He stated, “Goal setting is a part of my everyday routine. My team and I have our own larger-picture goals as individuals, but each day I like to sit down with them and set up checkpoints. Success is the sum of small actions added up over time, and I want to make sure we make the most of every small step we take.”

The President believes clear goals are valuable because they help you track your progress and stay engaged along the way. He remarked, “Any goal you set has to be specific enough that you can create small action steps and minor milestones. That way, you gain an extra motivation boost every time you accomplish one of these incremental objectives.”

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