NYSL Promotions Explains How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

At NYSL Promotions, we are fortunate to be presented with a variety of team travel opportunities. On a quarterly basis, we attend a national leadership conference in Dallas, Texas, for instance. The focus of this function is to network with reputable and influential business leaders from around the country. It is perfect for team building activities as well.

We regularly attend regional conferences too. The objectives of these events are cross-training and team development. As they are region-based, we get to reconnect with individuals already in our networks.

Possibly the most exciting function is the annual retreat dedicated to rest, relaxation, and the recognition of those who have hit meaningful career milestones. It is always held in a tropical location!

Regardless of the travel adventure, since we are always on the go, we must be well-prepared to make the most of our experiences.

Identify Objectives: To maximize the feeling of accomplishment after attending a conference, we first identify what we hope to glean from it. Having well-defined goals, such as meeting certain individuals and attending specific workshops, allows us to develop action plans.

Do Some Research: While formulating a strategy, we familiarize ourselves with the conference agenda. We want to know what will be happening, and when. We also want to know a bit about the conference sponsors, as well as the backgrounds and expertise of the presenters.

Practice a Pitch: Conferences are excellent platforms for meeting new people. To avoid stumbling over our words and getting stuck with no supplies, we role play our pitches ahead of time. We pack business cards, notebooks, and pens. We also practice our introductions, including the mention of our areas of expertise, special skills, and future goals.

Outlining specific objectives, conducting research, and practicing our networking skills consistently enable us to make the most of our conference experiences. At NYSL Promotions, we stand by these tactics and insist on their effectiveness.