NYSL Promotions Examines Trends Changing Business

Our team at NYSL Promotions is always on the lookout for new trends that will have significant effects on the world of business. We have noticed a few that are truly redefining the business world as we know it. Staying ahead of these trends is essential to continued success.

•Talent Is Even More Competitive: We at NYSL Promotions are acutely aware of this trend. Finding the top talent is tough and will only get more difficult. In the modern market, businesses thrive on their creativity; this means attracting top personnel.

•Freelancers Can Do More Than Ever: The internet has made contractors and freelancers a far more viable option for many businesses. Today they make up around 34% of the overall workforce, a number expected to reach 50% by 2020.

•Globalization Is King: Thanks to modern infrastructure, every business can be global. This means that any company not accepting globalization will ultimately fall behind. We at NYSL Promotions strongly suggest you jump on this bandwagon.

•Mobile Is the New Norm: Mobile marketing is not a fancy of the biggest brands anymore. It is truly the new normal for many online shoppers. If you want to have a digital presence, you will need to make sure it is accessible for smartphone and tablet users.

At NYSL Promotions we are keeping track of these trends so we can empower the brands we represent to grow.