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NYSL Promotions: Entrepreneurs and Philanthropy

Supporting social causes is a growing and worthy trend in the business world, with many founders like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett leading the charge. In fact, NYSL Promotions team members believe entrepreneurs (and those with entrepreneurial spirits) are uniquely qualified to make the most difference in their roles as philanthropists.

First, they know how to identify and meet needs. This trait is often what drives someone to start a business in the first place. This same talent, applied to giving, creates amazing results. Also, self-starters know how to connect with their passions. This is how they’re able to work 60, 70, even 80 hours a week and more to see their dreams come to light. What’s more, their passions almost always include lifelong learning, and working with nonprofits is a great way to indulge this thirst for knowledge.

Another reason that founders make great givers is their talent at networking. NYSL Promotions associates assure you that all successful startup leaders know how to leverage their professional relationships. This same skill helps them develop innovative solutions in the nonprofit realm.

Finally, it is our sincere belief at NYSL Promotions that giving is the true path to prosperity. Whether you call it karma or reaping what you sow, we have routinely found that when we put forth our best efforts, tremendous results usually follow.

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