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NYSL Promotions Discusses Strategic Hiring for Startups

Great people make great companies. We at NYSL Promotions understand the critical importance of having a dedicated and versatile team in place, and we also know how challenging it is to assemble an ideal group of performers. This can be especially difficult for business founders, who already have a ton of other responsibilities and pressing concerns. We’d like to share a few tips for finding the right people for your startup.

Begin by thinking about what it really means to work hard. Everyone wants to win, after all, but not everyone is committed enough to put in the time and effort to hone their crafts. You shouldn’t look for candidates who will make a show of working hard to impress you; you need to find people who are willing and able to focus on getting simple but boring fundamentals down cold. Basically, practice makes perfect.

You should also carefully consider if a candidate fits your company culture. The challenge is to streamline; ensure that the talent you bring in is engaged enough to help customers relate to your brand. In many ways, culture trumps strategy. It is therefore important to find people who fit into your company and can passionately go about building your customer base.

Until you really have a corporate identity, you should focus on adding people who have the abilities to learn rather than those with substantial work experience. Try to find individuals who learned from their previous jobs. In other words, don’t neglect someone who has worked as a waiter after completing a college degree. It could be that he or she has gained more from dealing with difficult customers than from four years of higher learning.

Keep these strategies in mind as you look to put together a winning team for your startup.