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NYSL Promotions Discusses Staying Cool Under Pressure

At NYSL Promotions we know that stress can be a truly damaging force to any entrepreneur’s efforts. On the other hand, it is unavoidable. There will frequently be occasions in any professional’s success story when they must face a difficult situation. For example, building a business includes many mission-critical moments, such as investor presentations, that can really pile on the stress.

During these times, we at NYSL Promotions believe that is necessary to do everything possible to manage anxiety. We have found that there is one very effective strategy for dealing with stress in these trying situations: to manage every other variable.

Taking the example of an investor presentation, there are many things that can go wrong. You may be late or you may realize the clothes you intend to wear are not clean. Doing everything you can to minimize these risks will allow you to focus solely on the most central variable: getting a yes.

If you are able to accomplish as close to a single variable situation as possible, you will vastly reduce the amount of stress you feel. Not only will you avoid the gut-churning moments when mistakes happen, you will also give yourself far less to worry about.

At NYSL Promotions we believe that clamping down other variables during mission-critical moments is the best way to reduce stress at these times.