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NYSL Promotions Discusses How to Make People Like You

For us at NYSL Promotions, it is important to be able to make a positive impression on people very quickly. Many professionals struggle with this, especially when they are unaware of the factors that contribute to others’ opinions of them. There are a few techniques you can leverage to make a good impression in the first few seconds of meeting someone.

Eye contact is important for appearing confident and making others like you. Of course, an excessive amount of it can be unnerving. A great tip that we at NYSL Promotions like to use is to notice the color of the person’s eyes. This takes almost the perfect amount of time to leave a positive impression.

Another significant factor is smiling. People seem immediately more likeable when they are smiling. However, many professionals forget to put happy expressions on when meeting others for the first time. Use your smile to show how pleased you are to be meeting the individual.

Finally, maintain open body language whenever interacting with people. This demonstrates comfort, confidence, and trustworthiness. Keep your shoulders back and your arms away from your body.

These tips for making people like you have helped many of us at NYSL Promotions to make positive impressions on the people we meet. Remember them the next time you are networking, interviewing for a job, or otherwise engaging with others.