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NYSL Promotions Discusses an Interesting Aptitude Test

At NYSL Promotions we are interested in the ways that people predict personal and professional success. There are many tests aimed at measuring one’s aptitude. We recently came across one called the Coding Speed Test that is amazingly simple yet extremely revelatory. It simply measures one’s ability to pay attention to data.

The test presents a reference grid that has a numerical code next to a word. All you have to do is find the right number for the word you are given. For example, if you need the reference number for music, you may read in the grid that music is #5741. To answer the question correctly, you simply need to find that and select the correct multiple choice option.

This is of course ridiculously easy – when you only have to do it once. The test is actually measuring the taker’s ability to continue paying attention and making quick reference look-ups. This is believed to reflect that individual’s ability to pay attention to and comprehend code.

Perhaps this sounds a little crazy to you. It did initially to us at NYSL Promotions. However, a study by economist David Wiczer found that a 10% increase in score on the test correlated to a 1% increase in earning. In other words, the test must really be measuring aptitude.

This test, and others like it, are truly interesting to us at NYSL Promotions. They represent skillsets in their simplest form. When we understand what makes us capable, we can make strategic moves to better our abilities.