NYSL Promotions Describes the Characteristics of a Great Resume

At NYSL Promotions, we are proud of our branding expertise. We can efficiently design and execute interactive marketing campaigns that generate brand awareness and boost consumer loyalty – both of which are essential to long-term growth and maximum profitability.

Businesses aren’t the only entities that thrive due to the development of a compelling, dynamic brand. People do too, and their resumes are the roadmaps of their personal brands. Publicizing a company brand has a lot in common with promoting an individual one.

Consult With a Professional: Seek assistance from a known expert in your field. This person can offer advice regarding recent trends, the latest buzzwords, and which skills are in high demand.

Tell a Story: Scientific research indicates that people are drawn to stories. Instead of merely listing previous work experience and employable skills, use your resume to tell your story. This means using emotion to sell yourself. A funny and well-written narrative, for instance, will captivate its reader.

Focus on Accomplishments: Again, identifying your experiences and skills is fine as long as your delivery is intriguing. Consider describing how said experiences and skills have contributed to past career success. For example, mention how your leadership abilities resulted in the execution of an award-winning promotional initiative.

Each of our team members at NYSL Promotions contributes unique experiences and specialized skills to the overall richness of the group. They were initially invited to contribute to the firm’s ongoing success because they effectively advertised themselves. Their resumes sufficiently represented their own innovative brands. By working with a coach, incorporating the art of storytelling, and articulately communicating your past accomplishments, your personal brand will get noticed as well.