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NYSL Promotions Deals With First-Impression Anxiety

We train NYSL Promotions associates to network, which of course includes strategies on how to make a great first impression. Even before you have a chance to say hi to someone, they are forming their opinion of you based on the way you walk, talk, and dress.

However, the NYSL Promotions trainers recently learned that as significant as these initial notions are, they’re not the most important part of meeting someone. Researchers have found that it’s actually the way that the first impression ends that will stay in the mind of your new contact.

According to Daniel Kahneman, a noted psychologist and Nobel Prize winner, it’s the way we remember events that matters most, not necessarily the way those events actually unfold. To test his hypothesis, he and several colleagues had test subjects hold their hands in frigidly cold water for 60 seconds. At the end of this time, some of the subjects pulled their hands out, while others kept their hands in the water for another 30 seconds while the water was slowly and slightly warmed up.

Those who held their hands in the water for an extra 30 seconds reported remembering the experiment in a more positive light. Even though they had their hands in cold water for the longest time, their final memory of the event wasn’t as awful as the memory the other test subjects had.

Translation? You can flub your opening line and have every joke fall flat, but as long as your initial introduction ends on a positive note, your new contact will remember you well. This knowledge has taken a lot of the pressure off NYSL Promotions trainees when it comes to making a great first impression, and we hope it will do the same for you.