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The NYSL Promotions Approach to Taking Smart Risks

If you want to achieve anything remarkable in your life, you will have to take risks. In fact, NYSL Promotions high achievers suggest that there are two risk-related action steps you need to take to move your career forward: you should learn how to tell the difference between a calculated risk and a foolhardy one, and then you must develop confidence in your decision-making abilities.

For example, at some point in your career, you’ll have to take a chance on someone in order to move beyond the limitations that being a one-person show inherently imposes. To do this, NYSL Promotions pros suggest identifying the traits that you need to see in colleagues in order to trust them. For us, we want to know that people can handle the requirements of a given role, that they have the right attitude, that they’re reliable, and that teamwork is important to them. For you, different qualities may make more sense, but the point is that knowing what you need in a teammate will help you make a better decision.

This process of identifying what you hope to gain from taking a risk can be applied to any decision where loss is possible, and as you make better choices your confidence will grow. The most important thing NYSL Promotions high achievers want you to remember is that risk is not your enemy – confusion and self-doubt are. Eliminate those, and you’ll have a much easier time knowing which opportunities are worthwhile.