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NYSL Promotions Advances With Accomplishment Sheets

If you really want to see incredible advances in your career this year, NYSL Promotions professionals recommend using an accomplishment sheet. The exact format will depend on your personal needs and style, but here are the five approaches we feel you should include:

•Record Everything You Worked On: This may sound a little too obvious, but it’s exactly the sort of thing that gets forgotten. Write down the names of specific projects along with the people you worked with and the dates you worked with them.

•Make It Measurable: You might be tempted to discuss success or failure in terms of how you feel, but NYSL Promotions associates encourage you to use data where possible. Numbers provide a much clearer picture.

•Make Notes of Feedback: If someone complimented your work, write it down. If someone gave you some constructive criticism, write that down too. Feedback is a vital tool for self-improvement, and will provide you with a much-needed ego boost during challenging times.

•Public Recognition: Anytime you give a speech, publish a written work, or receive an award you have improved your credentials. Your reputation is a valuable asset.

•Future Projects: We like to hear what goals our NYSL Promotions colleagues have set for themselves. Their ambition shows that they are committed not only to their own development, but to the success of the company as well.

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