NYSL Identifies the Hot Pinterest Trends of 2015

Pinterest is an interesting social network. Rather than focusing on friends interacting, it is about sharing things and ideas, particularly within the arts. Every year different trends tend to dominate the website. It can be such an incredibly powerful tool, and we at NYSL Promotions decided to look into what the hottest topics in different areas of interest are going to be.

  • Food and Drink: Cauliflower recipes
  • DIY: Wood cutting
  • Fashion: Normcore
  • Home: Rug stencils
  • Fitness and Health: Juicing
  • Grooming and Beauty: Beards
  • Tech: Smartwatches
  • Photography: Double exposures
  • Travel: Iceland
  • Gardening: Vertical gardens

Many of these have already picked up traction on Pinterest, as well as other social websites like Reddit and Imgur. We expect that, as 2015 continues, they will become even more prominent. They not only reflect trends in society as a whole, but they reinforce those same trends. As people express themselves on Pinterest, they often find new and exciting ideas there.

At NYSL Promotions, we believe that business leaders should pay attention to these trends and align their messaging with them. Doing so will allow them to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Modern consumers are both extremely engaged and extremely connected. However, trends and preferences change rapidly. As such, leveraging the social space to interact with consumers is an effective way for brands to both stay informed and to advertise. If you want to drive your social media marketing to new heights in 2015, we strongly recommend that you keep these key trends in mind as a guide.