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Networking in the Heart of Texas

We’re excited to have NYSL Promotions represented at the Dallas Conference this month. Getting the chance to network with top performers from across our industry is an opportunity we never pass up. Joe, our Managing Director, will be taking top leaders with him to the Lone Star State. He stated, “It’s good to stay ahead in our ever-evolving business world, and learning at conferences is one of the best ways to do so.”

Joe also makes sure we have solid networking skills so we can take full advantage of every big industry gathering we attend. Icebreakers are special points of emphasis in our connecting strategy. Joe remarked, “If you want to have a productive networking discussion, you have start it off right. Sometimes the simplest question is the best way to begin a conversation. Asking what brought a potential contact to an event is usually enough to get the ball rolling. It’s also an easy way to find some common ground on which to build a strong connection.”

Industry events feature a lot of information provided by keynote speakers and breakout sessions. Posing a question to other attendees such as which items stood out to them is another good way to spark a networking conversation. Joe remarked, “I encourage members of Team NYSL Promotions to ask their would-be contacts for one nugget of wisdom from the conference or seminar that really resonated with them. The response people get can turn a discussion in any number of intriguing directions.”

We use these icebreaker ideas to enhance our networking success. Visit NYSL Promotions’ Twitter for updates on our trips and advice for forging meaningful connections.