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The Many Benefits of Giving as a Team

We’ve discovered many benefits that come along with giving back to the community. These go far beyond the rewarding feeling that giving creates and the professional connections we make in the process. Around the NYSL Promotions office, we’ve found that supporting good causes also benefits a company’s team environment.

First of all, giving back as a team is an ideal way to create a shared sense of purpose. Our team members feel more engaged in their work every time we return from a philanthropic event. The camaraderie among our associates is always strong, but giving back takes it to a higher level that inspires winning teamwork.

There’s also something about contributing to worthy causes that prompts people to treat each other with more care. Our people tend to have greater appreciation for each other’s talents after they work together for a good cause. They’re also more grateful for the positive things in their lives after supporting those in need.

People want to know that their employers are serious about upholding core values. Through our NYSL Promotions charitable efforts, we leave no doubt that we’re committed to living out the principles that guide our business. This benefits both recruitment of new talent and retention of our top performers.

These are just a few of the reasons we pursue so many different types of giveback events. Like NYSL Promotions on Facebook to receive updates on our philanthropic endeavors.