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How Managers Who Focus on People Inspire Better Results

Great leaders know how to motivate their teams. During a recent NYSL Promotions brainstorming session, the conversation turned to what our leadership does that inspires our associates to give that extra effort. Here are three examples of best practices leaders follow:

  • Better Feedback: Guidance and feedback is necessary for people to hone their skills and feel confident in their abilities. Our associates pointed to their experiences in our NYSL Promotions coaching program, in which our seasoned managers would offer constructive pointers to help them deliver better results. The key, we believe, lies in ensuring that people feel as though they are supported during this process. 
  • Team-Driven Solutions: When everyone works together to get the job done, the outcomes are far more impressive. Our managers encourage us to collaborate on our campaigns. Each associate knows his or her contributions are valued. We feel secure that our input is welcomed. This positive energy is what allows us to be more innovative with our outreach.
  • Balance Work and Fun: What’s better than working together? We like to play together, too. Our NYSL Promotions team nights are legendary for all the laughs we share together. We strive to have fun activities such as bowling, attending a sporting event together, or just going out to dinner.

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