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Management Changes NYSL Promotions Sees Coming in 2017

There is no doubt that 2017 is a year of change, and NYSL Promotions leaders believe this holds true in the business world as much as it does in the political arena. Allow us to detail the biggest changes to which managers will need to adjust in the coming year.

First, there is a need for many bosses to get back on track with their performance management. In the mad rush to do away with annual performance reviews, many business leaders have forgotten to provide any feedback at all. In a recent survey of over 30,000 employees conducted by LeadershipIQ, only 30 percent of those surveyed said that they always knew what managers thought of their work.

Also, NYSL Promotions team members are sure that remote work is not a passing trend. More and more professionals are conducting business outside the office, and these people report being happier and more engaged than their office-bound colleagues. Supervisors will need to understand the nuances of managing people they rarely (if ever) see.

Finally, NYSL Promotions frontrunners note that tough conversations – ones that involve constructive comments or even reproach – are becoming more difficult. Members of Gen Y were raised to be less reserved than their Gen X or baby boomer predecessors, and are more likely to react to bad news. This is not true across the board though, and even if it was the successful manager would still find a way.

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