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Making the Most of Corporate Travel with NYSL Promotions

Our leadership team and high achievers just returned from a trip to Cancun, Mexico! The rest and relaxation retreat, held at the luxurious Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, brought together industry leaders from all over the United States and Canada to share their knowledge, swap best practice techniques, and deepen professional networks.

Only top performers and business leaders from the firm were invited to attend the annual retreat, where they enjoyed the pristine Caribbean Sea coastline and the posh amenities offered by the resort. The weekend offered a much-needed breather from the pressures of daily life, and those in attendance were honored at an awards ceremony that recognized their 2014 achievements.

Travel opportunities like these are an excellent way to gain some much-needed perspective. While most busy professionals find some comfort in being busy, without being able to see the big picture busyness could end up being unproductive. Also, the real work of thinking can often only happen when you take a step or two away from day-to-day responsibilities, and it’s a crucial activity for leaders to engage in.

The opportunity to network and learn from other professionals both within and without the advertising industry is also an invaluable aspect of corporate travel. Seeing challenges through the eyes of another lends fresh insight and new knowledge that might not be possible to attain while maintaining the normal work routine and working next to the same people.

A well-designed company trip will encourage the exchange of ideas and create innovative solutions. This retreat delivered, and the tropical locale was icing on the cake.