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Let NYSL Promotions Help You Get People’s Attention

When you give a big speech, you need to make a strong impression and get your audience’s attention right off the bat. We train NYSL Promotions associates to quickly win people over in these situations, and here are a few of the strategies we recommend:

•Know Your Audience: You need to know who will be listening to you, or else you will risk offending people with what you think are innocent comments. When you have a solid feel for your audience members’ points of view, you can make the most positive impression possible.

•Ditch the Jargon: Don’t use language that only feels at home in the boardroom; connect with your audience on a human level. Our NYSL Promotions team suggests that you address people as if you were at a barbecue, because delivering a professional presentation doesn’t have to be boring.

•Be Yourself: No matter how many recommendations you read from accomplished speakers, you must remember to let your unique personality shine through when you’re behind the podium. Don’t try to look or sound like anyone else when you make a presentation, because your audience will be able to tell that you aren’t being genuine and you will lose their trust in the process.

These tips from NYSL Promotions will help you make a positive impression every time you deliver a speech or presentation in front of a large audience.