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Let NYSL Promotions Help You Fix Your Résumé

Maxie McCoy is one of numerous influencers from whom we at NYSL Promotions love to learn. She is a career expert, particularly when it comes to résumé development. Perhaps her most valuable pieces of résumé-related insight is to use more numbers and produce interesting content. Such details provide the most evidence that you are the best candidate for a position.

According to McCoy, “It’s one thing to tell recruiters and hiring managers what you’ve done. It’s another to prove it to them with specifics. Providing hard numbers, growth percentages and scale will go a long way.” Our NYSL Promotions hiring managers couldn’t agree more.

When it comes to producing compelling content, we realize things could get difficult. It’s optimal to use clear, strong, and descriptive language. McCoy indicates, “Cut the fluff. And get rid of the jargon. Hiring managers can see right through it. I’m always amazed at how many résumés cross my desk that actually make zero sense. Use words that sound like you and that are specific and straightforward.”

There are countless other strategies available to help you enhance your résumé, but everyone at NYSL Promotions recommends that you begin with McCoy’s ideas. Use it as a foundation to produce a résumé that makes people positively curious about you and convince them that you have the qualifications needed to succeed in a given position.