Man making a presentation in a successful business meeting

Learn the One Crucial Trait Shared by Incredibly Successful People, with NYSL Promotions

While there are many qualities necessary for becoming a successful professional, we at NYSL Promotions believe that one trait is absolutely essential. It certainly helps to have lots of capital, a comprehensive business plan, and a great team, but what you need to have more than anything in order to succeed is irrational optimism.

The main reason for this is the fact that you must believe in yourself above all else. You’re bound to have doubts when starting a business, from feeling you aren’t smart enough to worrying about your level of commitment. Family and friends may shoot holes in your ideas as well. They’ll only do this because they don’t want to see you fail with an underdeveloped plan, but it still won’t leave you feeling very confident.

Irrational optimism helps you overcome feelings of self-doubt and get things done in the face of negativity. Just as athletes and sports teams must believe that they can win, so too must entrepreneurs. After all, if you don’t believe you can come out on top, you’ve already lost. Great athletes push aside doubt when it’s time to perform, and so should you.

Here’s the best way to think about it: while no amount of self-belief is enough to completely guarantee success, the smallest bit of doubt can torpedo your chances before you get started. The best approach is to teach yourself to believe with an intensity that goes beyond logic. You must be rational and calculating in your actions, but you must never allow a lack of confidence to slow you down.