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Leadership Skills Worth Mastering

The NYSL Promotions training program places an emphasis on leadership. After all, it is the cornerstone of business success. We are learning quite a bit from author and leadership guru Joshua Spodek. Here are some of the lessons he imparts:

  • Practice Self-Awareness: To effectively manage others, leaders must first learn to manage themselves. It’s a matter of exploring beliefs and managing influence on oneself and others. Spodek indicates, “Those who recognize how beliefs work and know how to use them have an advantage leading themselves and others compared to people locked into thinking that everyone sees the world in one way.”
  • Communicate Positively: Our NYSL Promotions leaders are careful to listen not only to what we say, but also to what we mean while staying positive. You cannot control how others receive what you say, so we pay attention to listening to others’ ideas with openness. According to Spodek, “We commonly…respond to people starting with the words, no, but, and however…You may not think the words make that much difference or may not intend them to, but you don’t get to choose how other people hear you.” 
  • Keep Growing: As Spodek suggests, there is always room to grow – even for the best leaders. Keep your mind open to new ideas. Encourage others to challenge your beliefs. Acquire new skills and hone existing ones. These are great ways to set an example for others.

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