Woman Explaining The Plan To Office Team

Key Elements of Winning CSR Programs

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are more important than ever. Consumers are committed to supporting companies that care. Through our NYSL Promotions giveback efforts, we’ve found that the following elements are present in every highly effective CSR plan:

” Having a Narrow Focus: In general, it’s best to focus your giving efforts in one basic area. Trying to spread your company’s positive impact too wide will likely lead to helping fewer people and causes, which is no one’s idea of a winning outcome. By focusing on causes that align with our core values and business strategy, we ensure that our NYSL Promotions giveback events are successful.

” Making a Measurable Difference: We do plenty of research before we support any nonprofit so that we know exactly how our efforts will help people in need. Charity Navigator is probably the best resource when it comes to knowing what kind of impact we can make. It tells us where our donations will go and how they will make a difference.

” Getting Customers Involved: By combining our commitment to giving with our innovative outreach campaigns, we let people know where we stand when it comes to social impact. We spread the word about our favorite causes whenever we get the chance.

We keep these concepts in mind as we continue to strengthen our commitment to giving. Follow NYSL Promotions on Twitter to learn more about how we’re making a difference.