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Join NYSL Promotions in Valuing Our Differences

We at NYSL Promotions love being part of the vibrant culture that is New York City. Our name, NYSL, stands for the New York Skyline that we see from our office and all the potential and promise that the Big Apple represents. This includes embracing the diverse cultures and nationalities that make NYC so alive.

Some people talk about tolerance, but we believe that is short-sighted. We must move beyond mere tolerance to appreciation. Without diversity, our world would be bland and monochromatic; each of us adds a unique dimension and perspective that has never existed before and will never exist again.

To overcome prejudice and stereotypes, we must guard against the behaviors and attitudes that discourage compassion and empathy. Here are some suggestions:

Think of Everyone as Their Own Story: The people we meet each day are not just a color or a gender, but a unique narrative. Think about your own life and the story of how you have become you – then imagine that there are 7 billion such stories being told right now.

Make New Friends: Look for opportunities to connect with people who fall outside your normal social circle. Moving past the one-dimensional perception we have of some people helps us understand them (and others like them) as a whole.

Practice Kindness: A warm smile or polite gesture is appreciated by everyone. More important than flashing a smile because it’s appropriate, however, is becoming the type of person who smiles genuinely at others.

Feelings of anger and resentment will eventually leave us icy and sour inside. Conversely, approval and appreciation for the great variety of people we have the privilege to encounter is crucial to finding serenity in our personal lives.