Inspiring Leadership-Focused TED Talks

TED Talks have become some of our favorite sources of inspiration around the NYSL Promotions office, especially when it comes to building our leadership skills. Here are a few of the most enlightening speeches we’ve found for becoming stronger managers.

Simon Sinek is a renowned leadership expert, and his talk entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” distills his wisdom quite effectively. The video of his speech has gathered nearly 25 million views, focusing on how leaders inspire trust, change, and cooperation. We revisit it from time to time when we need a refresher course on the power of effective leadership.

Facebook COO and bestselling author Sheryl Sandberg is another of our favorite leadership authorities here at NYSL Promotions HQ. Her TED Talk, “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders,” is as timely as ever and filled with useful advice for women who want to reach the top leadership levels.

Roselinde Torres’ “What It Takes to Be a Great Leader” has also racked up a lot of views throughout Team NYSL Promotions. She has spent 25 years studying what makes great leaders so successful, so she’s developed a few critical questions potential managers must ask themselves. Torres offers unique insights into how winning leadership journeys take shape.

These speeches continue to inspire us in our efforts to become top-flight leaders. Find more of our management insights by checking out our Newswire feed.