Group Of Business People Running In Row

A Holiday Party to Remember

Our holiday party is always something we look forward to, for a whole host of reasons. This year’s event was on December 23 in Atlantic City, and it created a ton of memorable moments for members of Team NYSL Promotions.

Joe, our firm’s Managing Director, explained, “This year’s party was a division-wide event, so there were plenty of opportunities to build our networks. There were also many awards given out, a raffle, and an incredible dinner. It was so great to spend time with teammates in a relaxed setting, because it allowed us to reflect on this year’s achievements and dream big for 2018.”

We build stronger team bonds every time we get together away from the office. This is especially true for our NYSL Promotions holiday party, which combines the spirit of the season with recognition of great performance. Awards are key parts of our celebration, but so are simple words of gratitude between team members. We always leave the party feeling more inspired and optimistic for the future.

By getting everyone involved through an award ceremony and raffle, we maintain the inclusive atmosphere that inspires our best work. When we return to the office, we’re freshly inspired to listen to each other’s ideas and find the best ways forward.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s party. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on