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Finding and Learning From Ideal Mentors

When it comes to learning on the job, the importance of mentors is difficult to overstate. Around the NYSL Promotions office, we keep the following concepts in mind as we identify and learn from the best mentors for our unique professional goals.

When we look for people to serve as mentors, we focus on a few key attributes. Of course we look for those who have achieved the type of success we’re aiming for, but we also make sure to identify professionals who are generous with their time and expertise. It’s also important that a potential mentor has a strong work/life balance so that he or she is able to devote time to helping us.

While we’re looking for the best mentors, we’re careful not to take our eyes off our highest career aspirations. By increasing our visibility through volunteering for big NYSL Promotions projects, we also make ourselves more attractive as mentees. It’s important to remember that we’re selling ourselves to the people we want to have as mentors.

Once we home in on one or more potential mentors, we get clear on what we want to achieve with their help. Before we reach out to formally ask someone to help us, we spend time outlining our ultimate career goals and the steps we need to take to reach them. We need to know exactly what we’re asking for if we expect to secure the assistance we need.

These strategies help us identify the best mentors for our unique learning needs. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on