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Final Four Coaches’ Leadership Advice

We have a lot of sports fans on Team NYSL Promotions, so there was plenty of interest in March Madness. Naturally, this interest peaked during Final Four weekend, which saw three heavyweight programs and one huge underdog vie for a championship. Here are a few leadership lessons we learned by digging into the Final Four coaches’ bios.

Loyola of Chicago was definitely the Cinderella story of March Madness 2018. The 11th-seeded Ramblers kept knocking off bigger names until Michigan finally eliminated them in the national semifinals. Head coach Porter Moser has always been an overachiever, which helped him bounce back after being fired as head coach at Illinois State. Great leaders understand that unique talents sometimes have to find the right atmosphere in which to succeed. Like Coach Moser, they also take advantage of the right opportunity when it comes along.

Jay Wright, head coach of the 2018 national champion Villanova Wildcats, is known for the mentorship role he takes in his players’ lives. He explained, “I love this part in their life when they’re 18 to 22 and you get to teach them about life.” We maintain a similar devotion to mentorship around the NYSL Promotions office. New additions to our team get matched with seasoned team members who share insider tips that lead to sustained success.

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