Three cheerful young men standing and smiling together over white background

Essential Leadership Skills We’re Developing

Becoming effective managers is one of our top goals around the NYSL Promotions office. Through our efforts to improve as leaders, we’ve learned that the following skills are essential in confidently guiding people to successful outcomes.

Accountability is a big part of thriving as a leader, both for individual efforts and those of team members. We make ourselves available to our colleagues as we chase our own lofty ambitions, because we know it’s what we’ll need to do to become top-flight managers.

Great leaders also have a knack for encouraging teamwork. They know their people’s unique strengths and put them in prime positions to make the most of them. We’re doing our best to improve in these areas, observing our colleagues’ skills and coming up with ways to combine them with our own. Collaboration is already a core NYSL Promotions principle, so inspiring strong team efforts comes naturally to us.

Communication skills are also vital for managers, so we’re always looking for ways to better articulate our goals and visions of future success. We’re committed to being upfront in all our interactions with teammates, customers, and supervisors. We know this will become even more important when we assume leadership positions somewhere down the line.

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