Visiting Business Presentation

Essential Interview Preparation Techniques

When we evaluate potential additions to Team NYSL Promotions, it’s typically easy to spot those who are well prepared. Here are a few basic practices that help jobseekers make strong impressions on our hiring managers.

Being in the right frame of mind is perhaps the best way interviewees can make a winning impression. As we’ve learned, candidates who take just a few minutes before an interview to meditate give themselves the best chances to get hired. By visualizing success and clearing out negative thoughts, jobseekers project calm during the meeting.

Potential hires also impress NYSL Promotions hiring managers by having good questions prepared for the big day. Asking how success will be measured is always a good idea, because it shows that the candidate is already thinking about how to make a positive impact. Ongoing development is another good topic to ask about, especially because it’s such a point of emphasis within our firm.

Body language is a bigger part of effective interview performance than many people realize. Candidates who maintain open postures, make consistent eye contact, and project confidence stand out in our hiring managers’ minds. Practicing in front of a mirror is a good way for jobseekers to make sure they impress through their nonverbal cues.

These practices help jobseekers separate themselves from the pack. Find more of our best interviewing insights by liking NYSL Promotions on Facebook.