Two colleagues discussing in office on laptop while other two discussing behind them

Essential Elements of Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is a key attribute shared by the most respected business leaders. That’s our collective NYSL Promotions opinion, which shapes our overall approach to management. Here are a few essential elements of authentic leadership that help companies thrive.

Trust is perhaps the most important aspect of authentic management. It’s built through transparency, which is something we strive for around the NYSL Promotions office. With a strong degree of trust in place, entire teams can collaborate more effectively.

We also stress empathy as a core NYSL Promotions leadership value, building stronger loyalty throughout our team in the process. Authentic managers understand that they’re guiding people to success rather than simply angling for certain outcomes. They treat others as they would want to be treated, setting a respectful tone for their whole teams along the way.

Being grounded is another key trait of authentic leaders. They’re humble enough to look at the big picture with every decision they make, putting the needs of their companies and their team members ahead of their own. The broad perspectives they bring to their work inspire their people to take the long view as they pursue their goals.

These key elements of authentic leadership help us uphold our core company values as we achieve our goals. Follow NYSL Promotions on Twitter and join our discussion on what goes into effective management.