The Easiest Ways to Improve as a Speaker

We’re committed to building our public speaking acumen around the NYSL Promotions office. Through our experiences, we’ve learned that a few simple methods make the biggest difference when it comes to improving as a presenter. Here are the techniques we’re applying to sharpen our speaking prowess:

” Make Quick Connections: We’ve found that capturing our listeners’ attention as early as possible is the best approach for effective speeches. A bit of appropriate humor is one way to achieve this, but laying out what we’ll be discussing is also a good strategy for getting people hooked right from the beginning of a presentation.

” Finish Strong: Compelling conclusions are also key elements of effective speeches. We reiterate our key points at the end of every NYSL Promotions speech, but we also try our best to leave people wanting more. Ending with a provocative question related to the subject at hand is typically a good way to do so.

” Rehearse: There’s no substitute for knowing what you’re going to say and how to effectively get the message across. Practicing a speech out loud multiple times is the right way to arrive at this point. We record ourselves on video as well so we can adjust our nonverbal cues.

These simple techniques are helping us become more memorable presenters. Find more of our best public speaking tips by following NYSL Promotions on Facebook.