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How You Can Boost Engagement Among Your Associates

Engaged team members can make all the difference for a company, because they are more productive and go the extra mile to reach ambitious goals. Engagement is down across the business landscape, and our NYSL Promotions leaders would like to outline a few reasons why and discuss ways you can overcome them.

One reason people aren’t as engaged is a general lack of recognition, which we at NYSL Promotions view as unconscionable. A few honest words of praise are really all it takes to show genuine appreciation for your team members’ efforts. Take time to meet individually with your associates and thank them for their dedication and hard work.

Management transparency is on the decline in today’s business world, and this has also caused a downturn in engagement. When people aren’t sure if their leaders are being totally honest with them, it’s difficult to expect great morale and consistent performance. Make sure you are open and honest with your people in all matters.

You need to help your associates feel more comfortable working with each other if you want them to be engaged. Being disconnected from coworkers is another common problem many companies face, and you can combat it by organizing team events of all kinds. Get your people together outside the office to inspire stronger teamwork within it.

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