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Build Momentum With NYSL Promotions Achievement Advice

NYSL Promotions professionals are goal-oriented, but even we have difficulty sticking to our resolutions on occasion. When we know what we want but have a hard time sticking to our commitments, we do at least one of these things:

•Clarify Our Desires: Nothing demotivates like a vague goal. We spend time with our goals, clarifying them to such a degree that we have no problem picturing ourselves as having completed them.

•Break Ambitious Goals Down: We love audacious goals, but it’s tough to maintain consistent enthusiasm for them. NYSL Promotions associates recognize that daily action steps are what really keep a person on track for achievements.

•Know Our Why: Along with every target we write down (that’s another tip, by the way) we create a list of reasons why it’s important for us to hit it. Emotional attachment is a powerful source of motivation.

•Track Our Progress: Writing down where we’ve been is as important as knowing where we’re going. We can encourage ourselves by seeing how much we’ve already accomplished.

•Plan for Setbacks, and How to Get Over Them: There are always obstacles on the path to success, and NYSL Promotions colleagues assure you that we’ve had at least our share. Knowing that hard times are inevitable helps us to move past them.

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