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Brain Hacks for Faster Learning

Learning on the job is a powerful driver of long-term success. It’s also something we’ve embraced here at NYSL Promotions HQ, through a variety of methods. No matter what type of resources we use to advance our professional education, we apply the following strategies to help our brains absorb new knowledge more efficiently.

Taking things slowly when it comes to learning has become a mantra around the NYSL Promotions office. By approaching new ideas and creative solutions slowly at first, we give our minds enough time to gather key details. Learning is all about creating neurological connections, so having plenty of time to form them gives us an edge.

We’ve also found that being enthusiastic about the lessons we’re learning helps us stay engaged in our improvement processes. The more we discuss our educational pursuits with our NYSL Promotions colleagues, the more motivated we are to keep pushing our development forward.

Another key practice that guides our learning efforts on the job is being aware of our actions every day. If we put a new skill or concept into action, we take time to make a note of what we’re doing. Even if it’s just a mental note, we help make connections that lead to positive new habits.

We’re putting these mental hacks into action to become better learners at work. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on