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We’re Boosting Our Giveback Efforts

As members of Team NYSL Promotions, we’re committed to making a positive impact on our community. Philanthropic endeavors are the perfect ways to do so, so we’re looking for new ways to support good causes. Joe, our firm’s Managing Director, explained, “We’ve seen the value that giving back adds to our business, and we’re ready to embrace social impact more than ever.”

Our charitable events have created a stronger sense of unity throughout our team. Joe stated, “Our people get to know each other better every time we come together for a good cause. When we return to the NYSL Promotions office after a giveback event, we feel more inspired to collaborate on key projects because we’re more in tune with each other’s unique talents and passions.”

We also gain fresh perspectives on our work and how lucky we are every time we volunteer to a worthy cause. “There are certainly rewarding feelings that come along with helping others,” Joe noted. “Perhaps the most inspiring are those that remind us how fortunate we are to work for a company that cares.”

Of course, taking part in charitable endeavors also helps us promote our company. Although it’s not the primary reason for giving, the positive PR that comes with doing good work in the community is undeniable.

Our team is excited about bolstering our charitable efforts. Like NYSL Promotions on Facebook to receive updates on our giveback events.