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The Best Ways to Prepare for an Interview

Preparing for a job interview helps you make the best possible impression. We can always tell when a potential addition to Team NYSL Promotions has done the work required to effectively prepare. Here are a few things we look for to determine if a candidate is serious about getting the job:

•Insightful Questions: People who ask about developmental programs, how success is measured, and other key topics have obviously thought about how they’ll thrive with NYSL Promotions. We’re happy to answer these types of questions, but we’re even more impressed that they’re being asked at all.

•Deep Knowledge of the Position: It might not seem like much to ask for a candidate to really study the job description, but it’s something that gets overlooked. Digging into what the position truly entails helps a person know exactly how his or her skills will lead to success.

•Describing What’s on the Résumé: Candidates who can fully explain everything on their résumés also impress our hiring managers. This is another area in which many jobseekers don’t put in enough preparation, because knowing what you bring to the table is essential in making a big impact.

We make sure to watch and listen for these signals of adequate preparation every time we evaluate a potential hire.NYSL Promotions on Newswireto join the discussion on what it takes to impress during interviews.