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The Best Public Speaking Advice We’ve Found

As we work to become stronger public speakers, we’ve applied various sources of advice to our NYSL Promotions efforts. Here are a few of the most inspiring words of wisdom we’ve found on the topic of confident presenting.

The first important lesson we’ve been applying to our speeches is the fact that passion outweighs expertise. If we passionately believe in the ideas and concepts about which we’re speaking, our listeners will feel just as inspired as we are. We don’t just recite facts and figures when we give presentations; we aim to motivate our audiences through our passion.

We’ve also learned that memorizing our remarks is a sure way to a mediocre speech. Rather than sound robotic by going straight from our notes, we create basic outlines for our presentations that place our main points in key spots. From there, we can improvise and use humor to our advantage when the big day comes.

Making sure we aren’t speaking too fast is another fundamental concept we’ve embraced. During our NYSL Promotions speeches, we give ourselves a second or two between important sentences just to make sure our central points effectively resonate with our listeners. Deep breaths often accompany these strategic brief pauses.

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