Portrait of smiling business people standing together in creative office

Behaviors That Set Great Leaders Apart

We study top-flight business leaders in order to improve our own NYSL Promotions management skills. Through our efforts, we’ve learned that a few important actions set the best leaders apart from their peers. Here are the behaviors we’re working to refine to join the ranks of the most effective business managers.

One thing great leaders do is bring consistency of character to their jobs. Even when no one will see what they’re doing, they go the extra mile to uphold their companies’ core values. They act in this ethical manner at all times, so their team members never have to wonder about the motives behind their decisions.

We’ve also found that the most respected leaders get to where they are by being clear in all their communications. They’re meticulous in their messages so that there’s no confusion about what they mean to say. Listening with intent is another core element of their communication proficiency. They amplify this quality by making themselves accessible to their people at all times.

Perhaps most importantly, the world’s best leaders make sure their team members feel appreciated for their hard work. Recognition has always been a focal point of our NYSL Promotions culture. We’re inspired to enhance our commitment to it after reading about how elite leaders celebrate every milestone with personalized appreciation.

These behaviors help great leaders separate themselves from the crowd.