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Be a Leader of Leaders with NYSL Promotions

The team at NYSL Promotions likes to approach leadership from a different perspective. We believe that good leaders will be able to build a strong team of people, and that is to be applauded. Great leaders, however, will build other leaders, and that’s what we strive to achieve.

To become this second type of leader, you need a special mindset. Most discussions of leadership today focus on the type that knows how to get a team moving in the right direction. The kind for which we strive is less about using power, however, than about transferring it – empowering others to become leaders themselves.

Great influencers use a different kind of vocabulary to encourage the growth of others. For example, they don’t spend time working with people, they invest time in people. They create an environment where people feel safe and confident. They don’t bark orders, they give direction. They share their wisdom and insight freely.

Exceptional leaders model correct behavior as well. They show integrity under trying circumstances, never compromising their ethics or morality. Their words are their bonds. They see things through to the end. They listen more than they speak, and when they do speak they choose their words carefully.What’s more, they take responsibility when plans go awry, and share credit when things go well.

The defining trait of a remarkable leader is that he or she can eventually trust the people he or she has developed to lead an organization as well or better. We at NYSL Promotions encourage you to strive for this second type of leadership – the kind that empowers others to lead.