About Us


The NYSL Promotions Way of Thinking

NYSL Promotions wants to change the world in a clearly definable way. Our aim is to turn heads in an already competitive industry, and generate a buzz around our clients’ products that’s more organic and profitable than a viral video campaign or social media initiative. Talking to people directly is the best way to do business, and this is reflected in the double-digit growth figures that our clients enjoy. Our objective for the next five years is to hire as many entrepreneurs as possible to join us in achieving staggering growth.

Managing Brands is Our Business

When you look across the magnificent vista of the New York skyline, you see some of the world’s most-respected companies. Here within our company, we’re responsible for promoting up-and-coming brands while entrenched in America’s biggest retailers. We care for brands like they are our own; learning everything there is to know about the features of a product or service before we represent it in public. This is blended with strategic territory planning to guarantee growth.

Rightfully so, our clients want to make the biggest mark possible with their promotional marketing and lead generation budget. That’s why we focus on exceeding their targets and delivering value for money with the promotions budget they entrust us with. The more everyone profits, the easier it is to show talented entrepreneurs how NYSL Promotions helps them to begin their careers.


Giving Customers What They Need: A Human Face

Our unrivaled care for clients is complemented by the attention we lavish on the shopping public. There is a tide changing in the way people shop, but it isn’t just to the online market. More people also want to have the opportunity to talk to a brand’s representative in person to ensure that they make the right purchasing decision. NYSL Promotions provides this within stores to ensure that customers don’t have to go out of their way for this perk. Introductory prices sweeten the deal further.

At the heart of a great consumer experience is an exceptional brand ambassador from NYSL Promotions. These people are conscientious, hard-working, attentive and genuinely care about helping shoppers to make smart purchases that enhance their lives. They create a setting where purchases are made quickly, without pressure being applied on the shopper to spend their money. We let great product feature speak for themselves.

Great Careers with NYSL Promotions

Not only are we growing market share for our clients and connecting them with eager consumers who want to buy their products, but we are also working together as a team. Everyone here at NYSL Promotions loves to collaborate and contribute to the bigger picture we are all striving for. We allow personal and professional development to take place thanks to the mentors within our company who set time aside to train up new recruits. This investment in people is not commonly seen from promotional marketing and lead generation companies.