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How Great Leaders Build Great Teams

Our NYSL Promotions culture is team-driven. As such, our abilities to accomplish goals are reliant on working together. With that in mind, our leaders have incorporated several empowering practices that have had a profound impact on our team members’ achievements. Here are three that have proven effective:

  • Let Them Use Their Talents and Make Mistakes: Around the NYSL Promotions office, we encourage our associates to be innovative. We embrace original ideas and taking calculated risks. This also means that we are forgiving of mistakes, because we know that it is through trial and error that we find creative solutions that ultimately set us apart from competitors.
  • Give Them the Resources to Succeed: When we have the right tools, we can succeed at most anything. Knowledge in particular is key, which is what our team members find through our NYSL Promotions training and coaching program. We share with them the techniques that make our outreach model work.
  • Model Behaviors: As leaders, we know that what we do is emulated by our people. Therefore, we strive to behave in a manner that demonstrates that we are accountable and responsible for getting the job done. Whether it’s delivering excellent customer service, collaborating with others, or simply being there to cheer on our team members, each effort reflects the actions and mind-sets we wish to see others display.

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