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The Best Way to Up Your Career Game: Confidence

There’s one trait successful people tend to share: confidence. Around our NYSL Promotions office, we’ve stressed how important it is to feel confident in our abilities. This trait has an immeasurable impact on our abilities to succeed. Let’s explore what being self-assured can do for us.

One of the keys to our abilities to accomplish goals is to believe that we are capable of anything we set our minds to do. We recently discussed this during an NYSL Promotions training session. When we’re able to walk into a new setting with a positive mind-set, we’re more likely to achieve our intended purpose. This approach holds true, no matter what the situation is and what obstacles we might face and overcome.

How do we develop confidence? Our NYSL Promotions coaching program is one of our firm’s responses to helping our associates grow in their roles. We emphasize knowledge and practice, along with ample feedback and support. This helps boost their self-assuredness when it comes to running their own campaigns.

Another practice we instill in our people is to dress the part of someone who is comfortable in his or her own skin. It’s commonly known that when we look and feel our best, we’re more poised. Combine this with exercise and proper nutrition to complete the overall physical sense of positivity, which significantly influences our mental well-being.

Confidence is just one of the tickets to professional growth. Check out our Newswire for more great career-building practices.